15 July 1974, Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss was a young teenager living with her family next to the presidential palace. It was the coup d’├ętat and as she saw the soldiers (and the the stray bullets flying in her house) attacking the palace to overthrow (i.e.: “kill” – as the orders were) president Makarios, she wrote these diary pages – and during the days that followed with the Tuskish army invasion and people trying to escape war.

An author and (now former) actress living in California, she “rediscovered” her old diary and she is now in Cyprus to share them, along with her memories and old town family items.

The pictured enlarged prints are her diary pages, describing the events as she saw and lived them.

These pages are part of her “Cyprus Summer 1974” exhibition:

Pappagallo Clothing Industry Ltd., Cyprus announces that the only way forward, from the current economic crisis is to return to the Cyprus industry. Support the local companies, the local products and the local services.
Though it might be too late to return to the golden ages of the Cypriot industry, this may be the only way forward to return to those days. Instead of supporting the local industries which employed tens of thousands of our compatriots, we invested in ever-growing baloons (services).
Prefer the local products and local services. Discriminate in favour of them! Ignore European Union laws and regulations. Look at what our European counterparts did when the crucial time of solidarity arrived.

The Management